A Happy Easter

April 6th, 2021,

We hope that all of our families, students and tutors have an enjoyable and peaceful Easter break. Term 1 has been a great success, with tutors and tutees showing up each week to FNS and WNT Online to learn and connect with one another.

We are very grateful that we could continue tutoring online; we would not have been able to do this without the commitment of our participating schools – Xavier College, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Lauriston Girls’ School and Genazzano FCJ College. Thank you for your continued, invaluable support. Our Wednesday Night Tutoring group would not be possible without the dedication of our adult tutors; thank you all for your continued support.

We are delighted that in Term 2 Friday Night School can return to in-person tutoring. We look forward to welcoming students and tutors back to the hall.