Family Sporting Talent

September 10th, 2014,

Friday Night School would like to congratulate three members of the same family who have had wonderful success in the sporting arena over the last 12 months. These modest children ...

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July 25th, 2014,

Term 3 has commenced and everyone is keen to get back into Friday Night School.  Numbers in the first two weeks have been lower than usual due to the feast ...

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Media ………….

June 11th, 2014,

Friday Night School was mentioned in an article written by Beverley Johanson  in The Age on 1 June 2014.  The article ‘Social Justice at Heart of Loreto Values’ outlines that ...

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End of year dinner with our volunteer mothers

December 20th, 2013,

Just before Christmas we took some of our volunteer mothers, all Vietnamese out for a Vietnamese meal as a very small thank you for their invaluable work. These marvellous ladies ...

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End of year BBQ

December 15th, 2013,

At the end of the school year the Friday Night School community gathered  for the annual Christmas BBQ held at Xavier College’s Burke Hall campus on 24 November 2013. Click here ...

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Annual weekend camp at Camp Manyung

August 24th, 2013,

The annual weekend camp at Camp Manyung Recreation Camp near Mornington was held 20-22 September 2013. This very popular event was attended by 80 Friday Night School students, 24 school ...

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