EastTimor Flag Nilton Hi and his family were among the first students to attend Friday Night School.Through the Friday Night School program he was awarded a scholarship to Xavier College and was accepted at the University of Melbourne to study civil engineering.  Click here to read Nilton’s inspiring story.
 DSC02071 “I like Friday Night School because older girls are nice to me and they help me with my homework. Sometimes the older girls and I play games, which is really fun. Also, Margaret gives the best hugs!” – Afrah (aged 5)
 Sudan hands “My name is Amer Naganda. I came from Sudan in 2005. I have 4 kids. In 2006 I joined the Friday Night School with my kids and they like Friday Night School because they get a lot of help from the tutors and now they speak English very well and they write English very well. All this comes from the help from Friday Night School.At Friday Night School it is not only me that gets the help, there are many Sudanese. They enjoy the Friday Night School with their kids. I am very grateful for the help that me and my family have received from Margaret and Friday Night School.” – Amer
 P1010892 “I’m Tina and I’m in grade 4. I like to do art, also I like to go outside and go to the shops. I like listening to music and my favourite band is Little Mix. I’ve been to Friday Night School since I was in kindergarten. I like Friday Night School because I like learning new things. I really enjoy going to Friday Night School because I have great tutors to help me when I am stuck on something.” – Tina
 Ethiopia art “Hi everybody, this is a story about me and my sisters. We came from Ethiopia. We came to Australia in 2010. Our first school was Collingwood English Language School. This was the time we got to know Friday Night School. It was our mum’s friend that told our mum that there is Friday Night School so our mum decided to take us there and we got help on Wednesday and Friday. We would like to thank Margaret and all the people that help too!!! – Mahlet